Well. It has been a year of 1sts for me, getting engaged, starting a Blog….

I’m 25, have a lovely fiancé and a pet (rabbit). Me and fiancé bought a house last year and have been together for almost 7 years. I’m typically trying to plan what WILL BE a different, enjoyable, never seen before wedding…..just like every bride out there. And like many other brides out there have got a very tight budget to stick to…very tight

Apparently, according to almost every glossy wedding publication out there, the average wedding spend is now up to £22000.

Thats the deposit on my dream 4 bedroom house in the country side, which would be forever…like marriage, but all that money on one day! Granted the honeymoon is included in the estimation above and is not included in my budget as we’re seeing it as the holiday of a lifetime and are happy to spend crazy amounts of money traveling to exotic places for two weeks, but even spending £4000 on that one luxury holiday before the inevitable invasion of children leaves the average spend at £18000

I remember the day around 3 years ago when me and my now fiancé were mucking around;

‘do you think we’ll get married one day?’ I said, not in a psycho way.

‘yeah when we can afford it I suppose’ fiancé lovingly replied.

‘I reckon I could plan and host a whole wedding for about 5 grand…’

I never thought he would hold me to this conversation.

So…..It’s a year away from my wedding and planning it on such a budget has been tough and I’m sure will continue to be, the said 5 grand budget has gone up to 6 1/2. We’ve already booked some things and gotten our ideas together, which i’ll catch you up on soon. So as we go though the next 12 months everything I find that could save a penny and still look beautiful on our big day will be posted on here.

I hope it helps with the currently trendy subject of penny pinching on your wedding day!

BrideonaBudget x

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